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About Becoming & Being a Barber

What attracted me to being a barber was the lifestyle. To be able to be my own boss and build solid relationships with the guys in my chair. To be able to make people feel good about themselves was a very different direction for me from being a cop. I’ve always wanted to be able to produce a product with my two hands that I could be proud of as well. Coming from California, we always pride ourselves on starting trends and feeding culture, I felt that being a barber would allow me the opportunity to provide that to my clients. 

Once I found my mentor, Mr. Brett Reynolds, who was a second generation barbershop owner with the knowledge of how to cut all hair types with the old school techniques, I jumped in with both feet.  

My Chair Today

I lease a private suite out of the wonderful Eden Salon & Barbershop. You’ll find my logo on the door as you walk down the left side of the building as you walk in. If you’d like to see a video from the entrance to the door, check out my Barbershop page for a walkthrough video and map to the shop with a simple click for directions. Come in, sit down, relax and enjoy your time. Walk out refreshed and confident that you look and smell great!

To make sure I am able to focus completely on you I only barber by appointment only. My process is simple, solid consultations to find what exactly my client wants, then I start by debulking the sides and blending my fade. I move to the top of the hair and get that established with the correct length and style. I clean up around the neck and ears and straight razor the nape. Hot towel and shampoo follow along with a blow dry and any additional detail work to the cut is finalized. 

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Barber John Jardin does business through Barber John John LLC. from:
12 E Kiowa St #10
Colorado Springs, CO, 80902
United States

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About John Jardin

John Jardin

I was born and raised in the bay area in California and move to Colorado in 2005. Prior to becoming a barber, I worked in law-enforcement as a police officer for seven years, Five years in San Francisco and two years in Manitou Springs. I decided to follow my passion in 2016 and became a barber.

I wanted to be able to have an open and honest relationship with my clients and make people feel good about themselves.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and sanitation. I love being able to have a growing, ongoing relationship with my clients and take a genuine interest in what’s going on in their daily life.

I love all things movies, music, Muscle cars, martial arts, motorcycles and any other current topic worth discussing. I have been a licensed barber since 2017 and love what I do more and more every day.