Barber John John’s
Colorado Springs Classic Barber Shop

Barbershops have a tradition of being a place of community, of culture and interesting discussion among men. In today’s age of social distancing and masks required in group settings, Barber John Johns classic barber chair is located in a private suite, but the conversation topics are just as interesting as they ever have been! A luxury grooming experience at an affordable price. 

Every great barbershop provides relaxing hot towel shaves with a straight razor in a classic barber chair, but facial hair’s return to the finest in men’s grooming styles means the barber’s beard trim has become a necessity to look your best. 

Barber shops have a distinct scent, a clean, fresh manly smell that is a combination of talcum powder, that blue barbicide and sandalwood. When you leave the barber chair with your fresh clean hairstyle you leave smelling and looking as sharp as James Bond before going to be shaken, not stirred. 

Come enjoy a complimentary beverage, relax, have some intriguing conversation, lean back and enjoy being a man in a man’s place.

Map of Barbershop’s Convenient Downtown Location

A Private Suite Located in Eden Salon & Barbershop

Barber John John Jardin works out of an enclosed space with a classic barber chair and hair washing station.