Barber John John’s
Beard Trim

Cost: $35

John the barber’s Beard Grooming Service is a work of art. Your barber sculpts your beard to create uniformity in the beard height and symmetry in the beard length. Then a scented hot towel is applied to soften and smooth whiskers prior to the defining and giving definition and detail to the beard lines. When finished, a manly post-shave balm conditioner is applied and the work is reviewed in the mirror and from various angles. You may feel like Barber John John is an art director in the way he pays painstaking detail to your beard, your face and your style.

  • Sculpt beard with clippers to address different levels of precision and style
  • Hot scented towel application to soften and smooth whiskers
  • Straight edge line up to define the beard lines
  • Application of post-shave balm
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