Barber John John’s Men’s Haircut

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Cost: $45

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This is the best men’s haircut in downtown Colorado Springs!

Every Men’s Haircut gets personalized style for each individual by Barber John John to the liking of the client in accordance with shape of their face, the texture of their hair and the specific character of their hair type.

Every Service Includes a straight razor neck shave, shampoo while laid back into the sink face covered with a scented hot towel. Most other barbershops will charge you extra for what comes standard with this premium barbershop experience.

The key features of Barber John Johns 2020 Men’s Haircut are:

  • Personalized consultation: The barber will listen to you about what you want, ask some poignant questions about how your hair grows, and review the personality of your current hair, the shape of your face, the color of your skin and size and shape of your head. You can then work together to identify your best haircut style for you!
  • Men’s Haircut: Your haircut is performed by a professional licensed barber using the finest shears and barber’s trimmers and clippers.
  • Straight Razor Neck Shave: after John has lined up your hairline on the neck and finished with the initial cut, he will apply professional warm shaving cream to the back of your neck and use the finest straight razor to remove any hair remaining and give your cut an even cleaner, more stylish look when you leave the barber’s chair.
  • After your neck shave, John will guide you over to the barber’s sink where he will apply a nice hot scented towel around your face and begin to apply shampoo and conditioner. This important step washes away lose hair, washes your scalp and your hair fresh and clean, and conditions your hair for the harsh elements of the Colorado weather.
  • Finally, John will bring you back to the classic barber’s chair for the final touch up and blow dry styling and then apply product where appropriate (see your private consultation above).

If you would like a straight razor taper fade you should navigate to the fade service instead which extends this service to primarily using a tapered shave using primarily a premium straight razor to create a “fade” instead of a well defined hairline.