Barber John John’s
Deluxe Straight Razor Shave

Cost: $40

It’s called the Deluxe Shave for a reason. This is a premium luxury that is the specialty of barbers from the beginning. The use of the finest straight razor, a well refined process, and a professional’s touch make this something few get to experience regularly. A great barber’s shave can make you look and feel like a million bucks.

  • Pre-shave lotion application to smooth facial hair and exfoliate skin 
  • Hot lather treatment to smooth facial hair 
  • Scented hot towel treatment 
  • In order to shave “against the grain” of pretreated facial hair, reapply hot lather 
  • Cold towel treatment to close pores and finish the process of shaving 
  • After-shave lotion use to prevent most post-razor burns, bumps and help  begin skin rejuvenation
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