Exactly how to pick a barber

Many men today are missing out on the benefits of having a barber they know by name. I can be difficult knowing how to pick a barber. As the barbershop tradition has faded, contemporary men end up going to the closest unisex beauty salon to get their hair cut. A guy that goes to a unisex chain salon walks out with a completely different haircut after each visit. At a typical chain barbershop or hair salon, you are an anonymous customer. They want to finish your cut quickly and chat you up for a good tip. This will leave you with awkward looks and leave you feeling unsure of yourself.

What is a Great Barbershop Experience?

A skilled Master barber will match his technique to the shape and contour of your head. He will assess your face and the texture and color of your hair. You’ll walk out having had a man’s version of a mini spa-day in less than an hour. You will smell nice, look great and feel relaxed and confident.

Why should I Stay with the same Barber?

A well put together man needs a consistent, competent barber in his life. Having a barber you know will keep you consistently looking sharp with every visit to the barber chair. When you and your barber are well acquainted, you can make a quick appointment before that big presentation. Walk out the door looking sharp, confident and smelling like a man.

Your Personal Barber and Your Personal Best

Going to the same barber over time means a consistent outcome. Your barber should fit your personality. A master barber will help you develop and improve on your personal men’s style over time. A great personal barber means confidence and great looks that are concurrently timeless and fashionable tailored to your head shape and kind of hair. No mistakes!

How to Find the Best Barber for You

Ask That Sharp Looking Man

Talk to that guy who always has that sharp haircut, amazing beard that looks manly and professional, never a mess. Chances are they have a barber to rave about! I know I certainly do. (John is the best! No, really!)

The Barbershop: Where you Start (but not where it ends)

Research the barbershops near you or your workplace.

Do you like the idea of coming in for your haircut and straight razor shave before you head into the office? Would it be nice to get a nice clean haircut and beard trim just after work and before you meet up for drinks? Or do you like to pop in for a beard trim at lunch? Choose a barbershop that matches with the experience that fits your lifestyle.

Search the web!

  • A search like “Best Barber Near Me” will give you a list of barbers that are nearest your physical location on a map.
  • Check their reviews‘ comments, ignore the stars! Fake reviews are commonplace, but fake comments are easy to spot.
  • Be aware that listing services like Yelp will show you shops that have paid for advertising and other services. The best barbershop will often be buried in their results. Services like Yelp are rarely a good place to find the right barber.

How to spot the Best Barber

Good barbers will look you in the eye, smile, and have a firm manly handshake. If you meet a barber, and he avoids eye contact, it could be a warning that he’s not a great fit. A great barber needs to converse with you about more than your hairstyle preferences. He needs to learn about your profession, your desire to be noticed or be subtle. From these discussions he can discern your current style and where you might want to go next.

Seek a barber that can confidently tell you what cut, trim and shave would work best for you. They should assess your face shape, and the frame of your hairline to your face and neck. A good barber will have the guts to speak up. He will guide you to a style suited just for you — a personalized hairstyle that matches your face, your beard and profession.

Take note of the shop’s tidiness.

A barber with an eye for cleanliness & detail will assure that you have a safe, sanitary experience and walk out smelling and looking amazing.

Does the barber ask good questions?

The first time you see a barber it should begin with a consultation. You can and should be a part of a Q&A about what you like and your preferences. If he asks “What guard number do you want?” step outside and walk away. Barbers who entirely lean on one clipper with a few guards are about cranking you through the assembly line. You’re not getting a boot camp cut! My barber reminds me of a director learning your face, head, and hair to match with his various tools and techniques.

A good barber will ask you questions like,

  • “What do you like about your hair?”
  • “What don’t you like about your current hairstyle?”
  • “Do you want to change your style?”

Do you have a pic on Instagram you want to match? A good barber will let you know if that style is a good fit for you. A master barber will identify the style of that cut and personalize it to you. He will make you look better than you ever would have if you took the same picture into a unisex salon.

Does your barber ask questions during your haircut or bear trim?

During the haircut or beard trim, an excellent barber will ask you for feedback. They should ask you while maneuvering you and their mirrors:

  • “Is your cut on top is the right length?”
  • “Are the sides shaped and cut to the right length?”
  • “Is the back of your neck shaped and at the right level?”
  • “Does your beard jawline line up the way you like it?”

By requesting comments throughout the haircut, a great barber can preempt any kind of haircut catastrophes. Bad barbers, naturally, will not ask you for feedback up until they pivot you around in the chair to look in the mirror. Poof! Too late now! You’re destined to walk the streets looking like you just don’t care about yourself (and by inference, others!)

It’s all about the Results! How do you look? How do you Feel?

And even if you’re thinking that a new barber checks all the boxes, the proof is in the pudding. The finest barber and barbershop still may not meet your needs. Men’s style is very personal and relational. A great cut and style for your face and beard will garner attention from friends, family and professional colleagues.